Bingham Memorial Hospital Uses Modern Medical Technologies to Revolutionize Rural Healthcare

Bingham Memorial Hospital is one of the few thriving rural hospitals in Idaho, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, it was really close to closing its gates about two decades ago. Due to the new, passionate management team and the dedication of the personnel, the hospital was turned from a medical care facility that was losing money into a profit-producing medical complex that includes several buildings and is involved in dozens of profitable medical joint ventures.

It’s interesting to note that Louis Kraml, the CEO of the hospital, chose to turn it into a non-profit, 501(c)3 medical facility a few years ago. It was a bold move, but it has helped the hospital personnel concentrate on the things that any hospital should do – caring for its patients – rather than focus on profit-producing activities.

It was a bold move, and yet a very successful one; nowadays, the hospital treats close to 150,000 patients each year, and it is constantly hiring qualified doctors, becoming one of the biggest employers in the entire state of Idaho. Recently, the quality of the offered medical services has brought Bingham Memorial Hospital a prestigious award: the best hospital in the state. It’s an impressive performance for a rural hospital indeed.

According to Louis Kraml, his success formula uses a simple, two component system: highly trained, dedicated people and modern medical technologies. Bingham Memorial Hospital is constantly hiring new doctors that plan to practice their jobs in the beautiful state of Idaho, which has a lower cost of living, and the salaries that they are paying are often time bigger than what a medical professional could get, even if he or she is working in a larger hospital.

What about the usage of modern medical technologies at Bingham Memorial Hospital? A few examples can be found on the Hospital CEO’s Youtube Channel. Back Pain Surgery – kyphoplasty to be more precise – is a state of the art, minimally invasive medical procedure which allows the patients to recover very fast. Pioneered by Dr. David Shelley at Bingham Memorial Hospital, the method involves the addition of cementum into the fractured vertebra. There is no need for general anesthesia, but despite this, there is very little pain involved.

The procedure takes about 25 minutes, being ideal for older patients who have fallen down, fracturing one of their vertebrae. Due to the small incision, there is less pain afterwards and a much faster recovery. The technology and the training are provided by Medtronic.

Gastric Banding is another medical procedure that is being done differently at Bingham Memorial Hospital. Since there are close to 300,000 American people dying each year because of obesity or related diseases, this matter has become extremely serious. Dr. Anthony Davis is helping patients that suffer from obesity and are unable to lose weight using other methods to get back in shape.

Gastric Banding is a minimally invasive surgery, being performed laparoscopically. There aren’t any incisions; the FDA-approved band creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach, making the patients feel full even after ingesting smaller quantities of food. The typical procedure only takes a few hours; most times, the patient will return home within the same day.

There’s no deny that modern medical technology has the potential of shaping our lives for the better. Let’s hope that more and more of our hospitals start implementing and using it.

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